Hi. My name is Chad Cristofer and I’m founder of the Orange Rocket Post and Podcast. For nearly 16 years, I’ve been proud to call Florida home. I started Orange Rocket Post as a way to document my travels and experiences around the Sunshine State. The website soon evolved into a curation tool for residents and visitors alike. I like to say Orange Rocket Post has a broad, unrestrained focus with a concise point-of-view. Because this great state has so much to offer, it can’t be contained to a simple niche. That philosophy is also applied to the Orange Rocket Podcast where I talk with Floridians who have interesting stories to share. Entrepreneurs, small business owners, travel experts, creatives, adventure-seekers, collectors, everyday folks doing what they love — you’ll find them all on the podcast!

If you have a story to share, a comment to pass along, or a suggestion on how to make the website and podcast better, I want to hear from you. Get in touch with me on Twitter @OrangeRocketPo, by visiting the Orange Rocket Post Facebook Page or by dropping me an email. You can also fill out this handy Contact form.

Until next time, Florida!