How can anyone visit Florida and not see a real, living alligator? For many, it’s the highlight of their trip.

If you prefer not chancing an encounter with one of the large reptiles on your own somewhere in nature, the St. Augustine Alligator Farm allows you to get pretty darn close without becoming gator bait.

This attraction, which has been around since 1893, has every species of crocodilian on display including Maximo, a 15-foot 1250-pound saltwater crocodile. A fully-accredited zoo, the St. Augustine Alligator Farm is also home to a Komodo dragon, lemurs, five monkey species and a number of exotic birds.

For more adventurous types, a zip-line course is available at an additional charge.

But the biggest reason people visit is to watch trainers feed the hungry gators several times during the day. Watching the beasts snap up and then devour large pieces of meat with their mighty jaws is something to behold and a memory you’ll take back home with you. Only after seeing an alligator this close can you truly say you’ve been to Florida.