South Florida-based photographer Brian Cattelle loves the beauty of abandoned places. The more creepy and insane the better.

He also loves putting women in the middle of those haunting places and taking photos of them au naturel.

He’s been traveling the country, 30 states so far, doing just that. Now Cattelle is hoping to publish his fine art black and white photography in a book titled Bare USA.

He’s raising funds through Indiegogo to make the project a reality and is just a couple thousand dollars shy of his goal. The funds will enable him to finish his nationwide tour and put the book into production. Selections from the series have been posted to his website and represent the best in this genre of photography.

“For me it’s not just about capturing these images of solitude and decay. It’s about rejuvenating some of their past glory by injecting natural beauty. So how exactly am I doing this? By finding adventurous models crazy enough to follow me into these dark and forgotten structures, letting me take nude photos of them in the chaos and destruction. The thing is, in my images you don’t always see the nude model immediately, often times she’s hidden deep beneath the shadows and the damage. Once you look, once you really look into the heart of my work, you’ll see the women reveal themselves, and you’ll watch as the images bring these lost places back to life.”