Not too long ago, Florida didn’t have much to offer when it came to quality independent coffee shops. You were doing well if you could find one of the national chains nearby; and who really wants to drink that crap? But that’s all starting to change thanks to mom and pop coffee roasters opening up all over the place. Here’s our list of the best.

Best Coffee Shops in Florida

Downtown CREDO, Orlando
This donations-only coffee shop in Orlando’s trendy College Park neighborhood does really good work in the community and has really good coffee. Customers pay what they want for their cup of joe and a portion of what comes in goes to support local nonprofit organizations. Owners say by having customers assign a value to their coffee, they become more conscious of where their money is going and the impact it makes.

Panther Coffee, Miami
The Wynwood location of Miami’s Panther Coffee is uber cool for all the right reasons. It serves up extra-strong coffee made out of beans sourced from all over the world, every batch is made from a vintage on-site roaster giving each drink an earthy, smooth taste, and the place itself is an attraction for just about every type of person you could ever see. Families, people in business suits, tatted artists – they all come to Panther. Plus, the walls are covered in graffiti art and there’s a really cool outdoor space to enjoy your latte.

Bold Bean Coffee Roasters, Jacksonville
With its comfortable rustic-industrial interior, this shop in Jacksonville’s Riverside is an excellent place to meet friends and chill. It’s like you’re hanging out in someone’s hipster loft when you’re there. But it’s the baristas who make going to the Bold Bean a five-star experience. They elevate making a good cup of coffee into an art form, complete with the foam creations on the top of every drink.

Bennett’s Fresh Roast, Fort Myers
Who doesn’t love a good donut with their coffee? At this cozy little place in Fort Myers, you get the best of both worlds. The coffee is roasted on-site giving each cup a bold, intense flavor. As for the hand-cut donuts, there’s not a bad one in the case. But if they’re honest, most of the locals will tell you they keep coming back for the Maple Bacon. It’s that good!

Felicitous Coffee & Tea House, Tampa
If you’ve been searching for that perfect little coffee house with a Friends “Central Perk” vibe, your search ends here. Located in a brightly-colored house steps away from the University of South Florida, Felicitous is a place where customers are encouraged to grab a blanket and cozy up on the sofa with a great book and cup of coffee. Some professors have been known to have their classes at the shop. Works by local artists adorn the walls and much of it is for sale at affordable prices.

Volta, Gainesville
Down the street from the University of Florida, Volta rotates its coffee selection based on season. They often acquire flavors that are available in extremely limited quantities which makes each time you go a truly unique experience. They also serve up a variety of pastries and chocolates.

Lucky Goat Coffee, Tallahassee
A newcomer to the Florida coffee scene, Lucky Goat Coffee in the state’s capital explores innovative processing methods and enjoys educating customers through a unique tasting room. Their goal is to teach folks how to make a better coffee at home and they’re equipped with all the gear to make it happen. Go even deeper and bring out your inner barista by taking a two-hour class where experts demonstrate their craft.

Concord Coffee, Lakeland
Located near Florida Southern College in Lakeland’s Dixieland area, this shop serves up quality craft coffees in a beautiful, minimalistic community space. One of the must-try concoctions is called The Lakelandia. It’s a shot of espresso with seltzer water and tastes like a beer that you can have on your lunch break!