“Mantiques” and footlongs at Coney Island Drive Inn

Elvis ate here once and so should you. The quirky little place on East Jefferson Street serves up their “world famous footlongs” and loose meat burgers with a dose of nostalgia, including a vintage Big Boy statue on the rooftop.


Eclectic decor at House of Passage

Sure, they specialize in “inspired¬†collections of home furnishings and accessories.” But the owner apparently has a funky side as well. On shelves near the ceiling you’re likely to find things like antique metal cars, vintage signs and life-size M&M character store displays.


Vittles, beer and souvenirs at Florida Cracker Kitchen and Trading Company

What looks to be the makings of a roadside attraction along East Jefferson Street is actually a fairly new restaurant that pays homage to the Florida “Cracker” lifestyle. The food is all made from scratch and well worth paying cash for. (They don’t accept any form of plastic currency.) You can have a beer at the shop next door or take home a Yeti tumbler with their “Florida boot” logo on the side to remember your experience.


Historically inaccurate Brooksville Raid Mural

Late Spring Hill artist Tony Caparello is to thank for this 87-foot long mural showcasing how the Civil War played out in this small Florida town. Located on the side of Patricia’s Boutique, Caparello’s masterpiece is meant to show what happened during the Brooksville Raid of 1864. The mural shows an epic battle scene between soldiers from the North and South with locals tending to casualties in the middle. There’s just one problem. Historians say the romantic depiction is all wrong and that the Brooksville Raid was nothing more than a minor skirmish between Union troops and Southern sympathizers.


Other murals around town

Brooksville likes to showcase other moments of its history through murals as well. This painting of the city’s 1925 LaFrance fire engine can be found on the walled-in bay of what used to be the fire department. Like the Brooksville Raid mural, some artistic license was taken. See the barking Dalmatian? He’s the fire department’s beloved dog named Pumper and he died just a few years before the mural was completed in 2002.


Giant bugs crawling up the walls of Easy Street Home Decor

I like big bugs and I can not lie! This irreverent little vintage shop on the corner of Brooksville Avenue and East Jefferson knows how to get attention – primarily with a giant spider crawling down the facade.


Twisted old tree in front of the Hernando County Courthouse

The Hernando County Courthouse is visually stunning with its tall white columns and red colored brick walls. But this twisted old tree is what caught our eye. It’s a beautiful spot to take that Brooksville selfie you’re sure to post on Instagram.


Stately old homes

If you do nothing else, get off Brooksville’s main streets and drive through some of the residential neighborhoods where you’ll see majestic oak trees with low-hanging limbs. The canopied streets and old houses will take you back to Mayberry.