Kelly Brott faced a problem most hirsute guys encounter when growing a beard – how to maintain it and keep it healthy.

He tried a number of different beard oils already on the market. While they made his beard feel good, he wasn’t crazy about the scents that were available.

That’s when Kelly started experimenting with natural ingredients in his home kitchen to develop his own beard oil. After many unsuccessful attempts, he finally got it right with his signature Cinnamon Vanilla blend.

Kelly continued to let his beard grow and started using the beard oil he created. Friends and family took notice.

“Everyone wanted to know what I was using to maintain my beard. I started giving away small bottles of the beard oil to my friends and they kept asking to buy more.”

s813822897950518567_p10_i1_w640That was in the fall of 2014. Over the next couple of years, Kelly’s business continued to grow as he added new blends of oils. He expanded the brand to include natural beard balms and washes.

Kelly continues to operate Brott’s Beard Care out of his Winter Garden, Florida home. He still makes everything by hand in small batches.

“Every product created is tested and used on my beard,” Kelly says. “I will never sell a product that I don’t love and use myself.”

Oil and balm scents now include: Sweet Tobacco (our favorite), Orange Spice, Sweet Citrus, and the original Cinnamon Vanilla. Because he knows some people are sensitive to certain fragrances, Kelly has added an Unscented blend to his lineup.

Beard washes are available in Scented (Light Vanilla) and Unscented.

Kelly also recently launched a small line of accessories. He sells beard and mustache scissors as well as handmade wood beard combs. One of the combs folds up into a wood case, making it easy to keep in your pocket or messenger bag.

Most weekends, you can find Kelly selling his products at a local farmer’s market or street fair. We caught up with him at the May installment of the DeLand Indie Market at Artisan Alley.