How many times have you started out the day wearing a coat only to take it off and wrap it around your waist when temperatures began to climb?

It happens to me all the time, but my wife usually ends up carrying the jacket.

Now a Colorado company has come up with an ingenious solution. It’s called the Coatback, a convenient way to carry your jacket without having to tie it around your waist, or pawn it off on your partner.

Made primarily of ripstop nylon, this tiny lightweight pouch contains straps that you unfold and attach to your body. You attach your coat to the straps and turn the whole device around, allowing you to wear your jacket like a backpack.

When you’re done, simply undo the straps and put them back in the pouch until next time. It’s the perfect solution for when you need to shed the jacket at outdoor festivals, a day-long hike, or when you get a little heated while skiing down a run.