Coca-Cola will never go out of style. The world’s most famous soda brand is bigger than ever at Disney Springs in Orlando where the company recently opened a new megastore.

The three-story building’s design draws on influences from a 1920s bottling plant with exposed brick walls wrapped in glass walls resembling the traditional green glass of the Coca-Cola bottle.

One of the most impressive features of the new store is just inside the main entrance. Visitors are greeted with a 30-foot wide blown glass chandelier made from repurposed Coca-Cola bottles.

Watch the video above to go inside the Coca-Cola store at Disney Springs.

The first and second floors are stocked with Coca-Cola merchandise. Fans of the brand will find everything from t-shirts, baseball caps, basketballs and sleepwear to home goods with the famous logo like pillows, salt and pepper shakers, placemats and Christmas ornaments.

Entire walls are filled with glassware, coffee mugs and limited edition Coke bottles. A section of the store is even dedicated to the company’s mascot, the Coca-Cola Polar Bear. (It’s a shame he still doesn’t have a name!)

The third floor is home to a rooftop terrace where soda aficionados can purchase flights of colas from around the world, like the much-maligned Beverly that’s available to sample at Club Cool inside Epcot. There are also flights of Coke Floats made with vanilla ice cream and a variety of sodas including orange and grape Fanta, Sprite, Mr. Pibb and Barq’s Root Beer.