For ten days in early March, over 500,000 motorcycle enthusiasts gather in Daytona Beach for Bike Week. Often billed as “the world’s largest motorcycle event,” riders come from all over the nation with their Harleys in tow looking to be seen and heard.

In the evenings, they congregate along Main Street and at Destination Daytona in nearby Ormond Beach. But when the sun comes up, the place to be is the Cabbage Patch in Samsula.

One time the epicenter of Bike Week, the Cabbage Patch is like a boozy redneck state fair without any rides.

The crowds come here for the one thing they can’t see anywhere else – cole slaw wrestling. Bikini-clad ladies square off against one another atop a huge dirt mound covered in cole slaw. Participants go at it in the pungent salad until the referee declares a winner. Covered head to toe in cole slaw, the women are hosed off and walk away knowing they gave onlookers a good show.