I’ve been a huge fan of Biggie and his online t-shirt brand Deli Fresh Threads for some time now. So I was really excited when I got to spend some time with him recently at the DeLand Indie Market where he was selling some of his cool designs.

Biggie describes himself as a “guy who loves sandwiches.”  The Central Florida resident has loved them ever since he was a kid and he’s used that passion to fuel his wildly popular small business.

Why a t-shirt company dedicated to the sandwich? As he says, “it’s the #KingOfMeals.”

“I love coming up with creative recipes and ways to turn ordinary meals into a sandwich. I could have opened a food truck or restaurant, but decided merging my two favorites is pretty easy, especially since t-shirts are works of art and there’s not enough love given to the sandwich. The best part about t-shirts and sandwiches – everyone wears or eats them.”

The guy is a true branding machine and he tries to support other local small businesses whenever he gets the chance. He hosts monthly meet-ups (search for the hashtag #SandwichEatUp on social media) where he introduces regular folks to local sandwich shops and some of their unique takes on the humble sandwich.

Biggie believes that sandwiches taste better when you use great ingredients. He applies that same principle with every t-shirt he sells in his online “Deli Shop.”

“I use high-quality shirts like American Apparel and water-based inks so you barely feel the ink when you wear it,” Biggie explains while showing me around his booth.

One of his designs is an homage to the old-school Converse All Star logo, except Biggie’s take replaces traditional stitching with pickles. He says the “little details” make the difference in a good t-shirt design.

Other fan favorites include designs celebrating the Cuban sandwich, the PB&J, the Cheesesteak and “Biggie Bread,” the company’s mascot which he says is a version of himself.

You can see more of Biggie’s sandwich t-shirt designs at DeliFreshThreads.com.