Leesburg, Florida is home to this classic donut shop with the playful name of Dip-A-Dee. From the looks of it, the place is really popular with the locals.

Everything about Dip-A-Dee is simple. From the little diner-style booths to the strong black coffee.

On the day we visited, good conversation was being had around the large tables in the middle of the shop. It’s one of those small-town hangouts where everyone seemed to know each other. One customer got up from the table, grabbed the coffee pot off the counter and walked around the shop offering to refill the cups of patrons.

All donuts are made in-house. There’s a flavor and a style for every taste. Glazed, old-fashioned cake, cream-filled, apple fritters, donut holes.

Whatever you fancy, the donuts are moist, delicious and melt in your mouth. Maybe best of all, the prices are dirt cheap.

If you don’t have time to go in the shop and mingle with Leesburg’s finest, Dip-A-Dee has a convenient drive-thru window. You’ll just miss out on the free coffee refills.