Peter Wolf Toth’s mission to bring awareness to social injustice in all forms continues more than four decades after it began. Peter has created a Whispering Giant in all 50 states and eventually took his work to Canada and Hungary.

Time has not been kind to all of the wood sculptures. A number have fallen into disrepair due to lack of care or have succumbed to environmental conditions. Others have been lost to rot and disease while a couple have just gone missing.

But those issues don’t deter Peter. He still plans to travel to the Amazon where he’ll continue with his real work.



The year 1972 was the start of a life-long mission for Peter Wolf Toth. For almost three decades, this Hungarian-born sculptor was driven by what he calls his real work – bringing awareness to social injustice by carving large wooden sculptures of Native Americans and donating them to communities. Peter says the mission was born out of the injustice and violence his family suffered during the Soviet occupation of his homeland following World War II. After two years of being shuttled from one refugee camp to another, Peter and his family immigrated to the United States and settled in Akron, Ohio. I spoke with Toth at his studio on U.S. 1 in Edgewater, Florida.


Photos of Toth’s Whispering Giants via David Schumaker

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