CHRISTMAS | If you’re a sucker for places that preserve “Old Florida,” there’s nowhere in Orange County that does it better than Fort Christmas Historical Park. The centerpiece of the 25-acre park off State Road 50 is a more-than-convicing replica of the fort that was built in the area on Christmas Day 1837. European settlers constructed the fort during the Second Seminole War for protection. Portions of the fort’s interior have been converted into a captivating exhibit space highlighting artifacts from the pioneers and Seminoles. One building is dedicated to telling the exciting story of the old-time Florida cowboy, more commonly known as Crackers. A huge stash of antique weapons found on or near the property are on display alongside whips, spurs and other items used by the cowboys. The rest of the campus contains a number of cracker-style structures meticulously decorated with period antiques that help interpret pioneer life in Florida between 18870 and 1930.