Do you consider yourself a “grazer” (someone who eats snacks or small portions of food throughout the day in place of regular meals)?

It’s become a way of life for many professionals who always spend time on-the-go. Health experts say grazing is a good way to stay energized and productive, as long as your taking in the right types of food.

The problem often comes in transporting and keeping fresh those snack choices when you go to the office, school, gym or weekend recreational activities.

South Florida residents Lou and Alia Wolfson have developed a solution they call the first premium snack container for healthy lifestyle professionals.

The GIVELER is a sleek stainless steel, double-walled vacuum insulated canister that keeps snacks fresh that can be taken anywhere you go.

From the creators:

Adults who enjoy healthy snacks throughout the day have to resort to creating their own carrying solutions, which tend to be wasteful or obtrusive, or spend inflated prices on single serve snack packs.

Being snackers ourselves, we wanted to figure out a better way that busy adults could carry and consume their favorite snacks on a daily basis.

After many design rounds and several months, we landed on a final design for Giveler that truly married the form and function we were looking to achieve, creating a unique lifestyle product for today’s busy adult.