A half-hour due east of Austin on 25-acres of pristine Texas countryside is a rustic retreat unlike any other. Lifestyle guru Kirsten Dickerson and her filmmaker husband Brandon left city-life behind a few years ago and purchased a bunch of land near Elgin.

They dubbed the property Green Acres. Just like the characters on the 1960s television show by the same name, the Dickersons traded in their “fancy life” for a simpler existence, complete with animals like miniature donkeys and alpacas.

They succeeded in their downsizing mission.

The couple then decided to share their experience with others by opening their homestead to travelers. It’s become the perfect rural getaway for creatives, couples and cowboy wannabes.

Choose to stay in one of their vintage trailers outfitted with mid-century modern furnishings or, for a true “glamping” experience, a dreamy Moroccan-inspired yurt.

A communal vintage barn (that’s believed to have belonged to the family of LBJ), a modern communal bathhouse, an outdoor kitchen, fire pits, walking trails, hammocks, a trampoline, picnic tables and a half pipe skate ramp round out the list of amenities.