What do you do with a 1927 building that was used as an ice factory? Restore it and turn it into a kickass bar!

The people behind the Ice Plant Bar in St. Augustine were apparently thinking the same thing.

Located in historic Lincolnville just a few blocks from the San Sebastian Winery, the early 20th century building was used to produce ice for the local fishing industry.

Decades later, it’s the coolest place in St. Augustine to grab a drink. The place has been completely restored, right down to the original bridge crane on rails above the bar. The crane was used to pick up huge blocks of ice to then be broken down and sold to local customers and the shrimp boats.

With ice being an integral component to a well-made drink, the bar has returned to the craft of ice harvesting and uses three different varieties in its drinks.

Ice Plant also serves up tasty farm to table food for lunch and dinner including fresh sandwiches, local seafood, soups, salads, and plenty of vegetarian options.