Just one look at the majestic granite-columned facade and the words “United States of America” chiseled above the doorway lets you know you’re staying in a truly unique place.

Since opening in a century-old courthouse during the summer of 2014, Le Meridien Tampa has earned high praise for its innovative design.

Most of the structure’s public space was meticulously preserved with touches of the old courthouse being left throughout the building. Early 20th century stenciling with titles like “U.S. District Judge Chambers – Private” have been left on many of the doors.

Modern elements are infused to make the interior comfortable and inviting for guests.

Original marble walls dating back to 1905 wonderfully contrast with the vibrant colors of the hotel’s restaurants and bars.

With palates of slate gray, deep blues and rich browns, guest rooms at Le Meridien are contemporary in every since of the word. Tufted leather chairs and sofas, oversize beds and spa-like bathrooms give each room a stately and elegant feel.

Floor to ceiling windows surrounded by the existent wood molding can be found in some of the rooms.

Outside, a driveway where prisoners were brought in for their appearances before the judge is now used as a palm-covered pool deck.

Located downtown at 601 North Florida Avenue, Le Meridien Tampa boasts 130 guest rooms and suites with rates averaging between $180 to $280, depending on the season.