Rarely are you able to completely immerse yourself into the life of an artist. Sometimes their work only provides a window into their soul. But that’s not the case with southwest Florida artist Leoma Lovegrove.

When you enter her gallery and gardens in the tiny fishing village of Matlacha, everything you encounter is Leoma’s heart and soul.

The internationally recognized artist is known for her bold and colorful expressionist paintings of everything from The Beatles and other pop icons to animals and all things Florida. Leoma’s trademark glasses on the outside of the neon-colored art gallery let you know you’ve found the right place (as if there was any doubt!).

Inside the space is a wonderful selection of her work. Everything is bigger-than-life and just plain groovy.

But Leoma’s canvas doesn’t end at the back door. Step outside and into her waterfront garden where you might feel like you’ve disappeared down a large rabbit hole into a psychedelic enchanted land.

It’s here that guests are invited to express themselves and make their own art to take back home. Or, if you’re lucky, you might catch a local band playing on stage in the courtyard.

President Jimmy Carter, Virgin founder Sir Richard Branson and actress Sharon Stone are among Leoma’s biggest fans. You will be too when you pay her a visit. I promise!

You can find the Leoma Lovgrove Gallery and Gardens at 4637 Pine Island Road NW Matlacha, Florida. Be sure to check her website for hours.