Chefs Trish and Bo Sharon reinvented the concept of the organic grocery store in 2002. That’s when they rebranded their family’s existing grocery store in Boulder, Colorado, making it more user-friendly and more community-conscious. They gave it the name Lucky’s Market.

More than a decade later, Lucky’s is a growing empire. The Kroger-backed company has been opening locations in Florida at a rapid pace, the most recent being in Orlando near the University of Central Florida campus. Already a player in Gainesville and Naples, future plans call for several stores in the Tampa area.

Dubbed an organic supermarket for the 99-percent, Lucky’s is bigger and less pretentious than Trader Joe’s and seems to offer a bigger selection of goods than Whole Foods and Fresh Market. Plus, you can even get a little tipsy while you roam the aisles!

7 Reasons Why Lucky’s Market is the Coolest Grocery Store in Orlando

Customers are encouraged to drink & drive (shopping carts)

Beer on tap in the cafe at the front of the store is available to shoppers who want to “sip and stroll.” Wine is also available by the glass. They even provide plastic cup holders that conveniently hook to the side of the carts.

Lucky’s Cafe offers more than beer & wine

Drip coffee, cold brew iced coffee, lattes, cappuccinos, frappes, and a variety of teas are also available for sipping and strolling. But if you prefer to sip before you stroll, the cafe offers tables and chairs where you can enjoy your beverage and people watch.

Have a full-blown lunch from The Kitchen

The deli at Lucky’s is more than a deli. It’s an experience called The Kitchen. You can get all kinds of freshly prepared foods here including sandwiches that rival, dare I say, Publix. You can enjoy them at the cafe or outside at the picnic tables.

The hot pizzas are delicious!

Pizzas from The Kitchen are made-to-order and come out piping hot for game night back at the house. The ingredients are top-notch and the crust — oh, the yummy crust is everything you dream for in a good pizza.

It’s a good place to get juiced

Yeah, we’re back to talking about drinks. But an organic grocery store like Lucky’s just wouldn’t be complete without a healthy drink option. So a juice bar in the middle of the store prepares fresh juices throughout the day.

Turn your water up a notch

One more drink option. They sell bottles of infused water made in-house. Give the Raspberry Lime and Mango Mint a try.

You can stock up on salt water taffy

A lot of stores sell candy in bulk. But at Lucky’s Market, there’s a whole section devoted to purchasing salt water taffy by the pound. That’s different and another reason why Lucky’s is the coolest grocery store in Orlando!