Nothing moves fast in Micanopy. With its canopied, Spanish moss-covered streets, this north-central Florida town of 600 people functions in what seems like another century. Named after a Seminole chief, Micanopy is the oldest inland town in Florida. In the years following the Civil War, this idyllic place between Gainesville and Ocala became known for its orange and vegetable production. Some of the town’s large homes recall that era of agricultural prosperity. Today, Micanopy is known for its antique stores, home design shops, art galleries and quaint cafes. Fans of Michael J. Fox might recognize some of the old buildings along Cholokka Boulevard, the town’s main drag. In 1991, Micanopy doubled as the fictional town of Grady in the movie Doc Hollywood.

CFF25BAE-FA9E-4360-94FB-0BD96C295B94_fullMicanopy, Florida Heritage Landmark
Many of the town’s old homes were built during Micanopy’s era of agricultural prosperity.6777FE5B-259F-40BD-987C-F937F9388715_fullThis building and several others were featured in the 1991 Michael J. Fox movie Doc Hollywood.
Today, Micanopy is known as a quaint town of antique shops, churches and cafes.E535D076-4C78-45A7-A0B4-0FE2926FEAF4_full