Growing up in East Tennessee, I often heard the expression “nothing too fancy.” I can remember going to a friend’s wedding and asking beforehand how I should dress. The response: “Nothing too fancy.”

It’s that same casual, laid-back attitude Knoxville’s Burnett family brings to their lifestyle store just steps away from Market Square on Union Avenue. John Burnett and his son Dustin opened Nothing Too Fancy in the fall of 2012. The idea for the brick & mortar came when Dustin and his wife Lisa were on a road trip. The couple wanted a place for men to shop in downtown Knoxville. You know, a place where guys could buy comfortable t-shirts with cool, humorous graphics emblazoned on the front.

In the years since, Nothing Too Fancy has evolved into something more than just a t-shirt shop. It’s become the go-to place for one-of-a-kind regional merchandise that truly reflects the heart and soul of Knoxville and East Tennessee.

You might find vintage pennants from the 1982 World’s Fair, graphic posters featuring local legends like TV host Cas Walker (he made Dolly Parton famous) and moonshiner Popcorn Sutton, or glassware with the “Eight Six Five” area code printed in large orange block letters on the side. And everywhere you turn you’ll see merchandise with the famous Tennessee tri-star emblem. Did you know just by purchasing something with the three-star logo, you immediately become an honorary Tennessean?

Almost everything here is locally designed and made with quality materials. The t-shirts are some of the softest and most comfortable you’ll find anywhere.

From the personalized service to the unique regional merchandise, Nothing Too Fancy is the type of shop every city should have and is the perfect representation of Knoxville and East Tennessee.

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