Looking to tame your unruly beard? In the market for a wooden bow tie? Need a slingshot for your next outdoor adventure? Yes, I said slingshot.

Oak & Adze is a men’s shop in historic St. Augustine that prioritizes stocking essentials for the rugged gentleman.

Inside the unassuming storefront on St. George Street, you’ll find what owner Stephen DiMare (The Hyppo) calls “mancrafts” that help 21st century guys be more “well-hewn.”

The name of the shop harkens back to Florida’s early days. Oak is the most pervasive hardwood in the state and a representation of strength and longevity. The adze was a common tool used to hew wild oaks into workable wood and were often used in shipbuilding. Adzes represent the human involvement in Florida’s diverse landscape and the long-standing heritage of shipbuilding and sturdiness in St. Augustine.

According to the shop’s website, Oak & Adze “supplies active people with goods that are as functional as they are good-looking. We value well-made and well-designed goods and source only the finest quality elements for our hearty customer base.”

Oak & Adze makes its own line of all-natural, handmade grooming products including beard oils to soften and tame your manly mane, beard balms made from beeswax, and lip balms infused with cooling peppermint, soothing eucalyptus and other botanical essentials.


The shop also stocks satchels and travel bags, leather goods, a variety of growlers and tumblers, Two Guys Wooden Bow Ties and fedoras (as seen on Shark Tank), and a nice selection of Field Notes.

True to its mission, Oak & Adze also carries heavy-duty tools to help you conquer the great outdoors like hatchets and axes, as well as a throwback to your childhood – slingshots. Handmade by Hella Slingshots in San Francisco, these little rustic beauties may appear to be a toy, but they’re strong enough to bring down the biggest unwanted pest.

So what if you’re not the rugged type? Don’t worry. Oak & Adze doesn’t discriminate. As they say on their website, “Whether rugged beast or fair maiden, our products were made to suit all bearded and non-bearded men…and women.”