HOMESTEAD | Now in its fifth decade of operation, Robert Is Here began with a little boy being told to sell his father’s cucumber crop on the side of the road in the Redlands area of South Florida. Despite a slow first day when no one bothered to stop, Robert¬†Moehling kept at it. His dad painted some homemade signs that read “Robert Is Here” and, on the second day, he sold everything he had. The entrepreneurial spirit in Robert was born. The stand got bigger and bigger every year and continues to this day in Florida City. Robert Is Here specializes in tropical fruits like carambola, mangoes, papaya, jackfruit and dragon fruit. But if you’re looking for something fresh and locally grown, he probably has it. While you’re there, don’t forget to try one of Robert’s famous, extra-thick and creamy milkshakes made with fresh cut citrus. You’ll be dreaming about having another one as soon as you get home.

Robert was recently shared his inspirational story with Julia Tuttle Transmedia. In this video, Robert talks about how the fruit stand started and opens up about a personal tragedy just days before Hurricane Andrew ravaged Homestead.