This gothic-styled building at the corner of Barnard and Duffy Streets in Savannah’s Victorian neighborhood was built in 1889 by architect Alfred S. Eichberg.

In those days, it served as St. Paul’s Episcopal Church. It was home to a number of other congregations over the next 100 years and fell into disrepair around 2002.

Restoration efforts began in 2005. The new owners divided the old sanctuary into three separate multi-tiered lofts. The Middle Loft, featured in this video and the photos below, was completed in 2008.

Throughout the interior, the church’s original ceiling and support columns were integrated in the modern, minimalist design. From end to end, especially the third floor bedroom, you can easily see the Victorian era craftsmanship and fine attention to detail.

The imposing loft, which can comfortably sleep up to six people, is made to feel warm and welcoming through the green and blue stained glass windows, many of which are original to the structure.

Memorials to lost loved ones remain on several. The juxtaposition of old and new make this one of Savannah’s most beloved places to stay in a city overflowing with great design.