The Orlando artist who made headlines for losing an 18-foot cardboard banana just before a big art installation over the summer now has his own pop-up gallery inside a co-op at Artegon Marketplace.

Justin “SKIP” Skipper famously took to social media to find the banana after it went missing on a rainy August day. The banana turned up after a local mother admitted to using it for her little boy’s Minion-themed birthday party. He got it back and everything had a happy ending.

Now, SKIP is provoking thought in the middle of this artisan-themed mall. A classically-trained musician, SKIP was influenced and inspired to create art in late 2010. He is completely self-taught and uses whatever medium is required to deliver his messages to the world.

His sometimes controversial social propaganda machine known as Franchise plays a prominent role in the new space. Stop in and take a look around the next time you’re near International Drive.