Rebecca Puig has loved to paint and create things since she was little. The University of Georgia alum used what she learned in attaining a Studio Art degree and her passion for the whimsical when she started Sugarboo Designs in 2005.

Drawing on her two kids for inspiration, Puig says she strives to create products that remind people of the ones they love.

Everything Rebecca creates has a soul. She juxtaposes old and new, light and dark, and serious subject matter with fluff. Some of the messages on her popular signs can be simple and profound at the same time. Others will make you laugh out loud.

“I believe in putting good out into the world whenever possible,” Rebecca explains on her website. “My hope is that each Sugarboo piece we send out into the world will add a little good!”

Sugarboo & Co. is the brick & mortar embodiment of Rebecca’s dreams in whimsy. You can find several locations in the Atlanta area, a shop in Boca Raton, and the newest storefront at Disney Springs in Orlando (pictured below).

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