Okay, baking isn’t my thing. Neither is cooking in any form. But I know how to eat and I know a frickin awesome cinnamon roll when I taste it.

And Sweet Theory Baking Co. in Jacksonville’s Riverside neighborhood has a frickin awesome cinnamon roll!

Everything in the case from the oversized donuts, cupcakes and cookies to the coffee cakes, muffins and brownies will make you gain 15-20 pounds while you’re standing there trying to decide.

You can always do what we did and pick out 4 or 5 treats for the road. Out of the bunch (a slice of coffee cake, 2 cinnamon rolls, French toast monkey bread, and the “Classic Homer” donut), hands down my favorite was the French toast monkey bread. Light, airy and, with a hint of maple, I could have sworn I was eating French toast.

Now for the real kicker. Everything at Sweet Theory is free of eggs, dairy, soy and peanuts; gluten-free options are available daily.

While I was skeptical about the concept of trying an “allergy friendly” bakery at first, Sweet Theory made me a believer at first bite.