One of the most famous tourist spots in the Florida Panhandle is an old-fashioned telephone booth in Carrabelle.

The story goes that in 1963, police officers were having a problem keeping the phones answered while trying to catch speeders on the town’s main drag, U.S. 98. The solution? Bolt a call box to a nearby building.

Officers would park their cruiser next to the building and be within earshot of the phone while doing speed patrol.

The only problem came when it rained. The officers got drenched. So when the phone company installed a new booth outside the drug store, the police department got the old booth and placed it under a chinaberry tree just off the highway.

The booth protected officers from the elements and would eventually become known as the “world’s smallest police station.”

Over the years, the phone booth was featured on several national television shows including Ripley’s Believe It or Not, NBC’s Today, and The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson.