True Disneyphiles geek out the moment they set foot inside Theme Park Connection. This giant warehouse near Orlando’s Florida Mall is a treasure trove of memorabilia and relics from Walt Disney World, Disneyland and other Disney properties around the world.

Unaffiliated with the Walt Disney Company, Theme Park Connection is what would happen if all the former employees got together and decided to have a giant garage sale. You can purchase old cast member costumes, directional signs that once hung in the parks and resorts, discarded Mouse Ears, vintage brochures, and former cast member pins and name badges.

TPC also deals in former movie props. On the day we visited, they had a trainer suit from The Hunger Games (which can be yours for $700), a uniform from Independence Day ($499.95), and railroad spikes and other Western-themed props from The Lone Ranger (all very affordable).

While most of the merchandise is Disney-related, you might also find things from Universal and other entertainment brands. Items at Theme Park Connection range in price from a buck to thousands of dollars.