The tiny house movement is a big deal. There are countless blogs, websites, online forums, and Pinterest boards devoted to the movement. The concept has even gone mainstream with several national television shows featuring couples who decide to downsize their lives in favor of a more simple existence.

The reasons why people choose to live in a 100-400 square foot house vary. Environmental concerns, financial concerns, and seeking more time and freedom usually top the list.

According to, 68% of tiny house people have no mortgage, compared to 29.3% of all U.S. homeowners.

The movement is gaining traction here in Florida. Dan Louche founded Tiny Home Builders in DeLand in 2009. His family-owned business designs and builds tiny houses on trailers to make it easier for homeowners to change locations if necessary.

Louche has become a well-respected resource in the movement and regularly provides tips for those looking to take the plunge into tiny living on his blog.

His designs are nothing short of amazing. The final products look good, are completely functional and are cost efficient. Dan says his company’s most popular 20-foot house costs just $16,000 to build!