Down a country road between Leesburg and Wildwood, Florida is an unexpected haven for lovers of tractors.

That’s right, tractors.

Stew Paquette started collecting tractors around the same time he retired from his successful construction business, which he founded in New Hampshire decades ago.

He purchased a tractor made by International Harvester. (The iconic company sadly went belly-up in the mid 1980s.)

At the time, Stew nothing about tractors or farming. But he quickly fell in love with these large pieces of machinery and the important place they hold in American history.

He purchased a few more tractors and his collection quickly grew.

Today, Stew owns more than 150 International Harvester tractors, which he proudly displays in two large warehouses at his buffalo ranch.

Paquette’s Farmall Tractor Museum is open to the public and attracts thousands of people from all over the world every year.

Even if you hail from the big city and wouldn’t know an IH tractor from a John Deere, Stew’s collection of “stuff” is very impressive. It’s good to see someone take pride in preserving the often overlooked tractor and the vital role it has played in farming for well over a century.