Clay Cass started roasting coffee a decade ago. His passion turned into a full-fledged business several years later when Clay, along with his wife Michelle, launched Trilogy Coffee Roasting Company in Central Florida.

“It was born out of my passion for working with really high-quality coffee and bringing a really great product to this area.”

Their home base has been in the back of DaVinci Design Studio, a historic house turned creative space in downtown DeLand. From a little room, Clay and his team roast, brew and pour some of the best coffee on the east coast of Florida.

DeLand’s first local coffee roasting company, Trilogy has gained a huge following in the community, becoming a popular hub and meeting space for many. There’s just one problem. Clay says they’ve outgrown their current location.


For the last few months, Clay and some of his neighbors have been hard at work transforming a rundown storefront at the intersection of South Florida Avenue and West Georgia Avenue into Trilogy’s new headquarters. When completed, the property will include a new cafe with indoor and outdoor seating.

But Clay and Michelle want the new location to be more than just a place to pick up a cup of joe. They envision a community space where art can be exhibited, music and poetry can be performed and films can be shown and debated. For them, it’s all about giving back to the town that’s given them so much love.

“We feel very thankful to have started a company in a place like DeLand that’s been so supportive and given us a place to call home,” Clay says. “We’re also excited to take this next step and expand as a company.”

Learn how you can help Trilogy Coffee Roasting Company via Kickstarter.