Victoria Murphy is something of an antique whisperer. She has this knack for being able to locate and breathe new life into old architectural finds that otherwise would have been headed to the trash bins of history.

Since 2000, Victoria’s Antique Warehouse has been a fixture in downtown Leesburg, Florida. She travels to European countries like France and Belgium in her never-ending search for unique pieces that go along with her shop’s shabby chic aesthetic.

The front of the building, itself a historic gem, showcases some of Murphy’s top finds and furniture that’s been repurposed by her team of craftsmen in the back room. Customers are welcome to peruse this section of the space, which is filled to the rafters with raw and untouched objects from hand-carved headboards, vintage doors and windows to inlaid-wood armoires, antique tables and stately old chairs.

For Murphy, each piece is more than just furniture. As she says, everything in her store is “living history.”