Leah Harrington spent years searching for natural skin care products. She was careful what she placed on her skin and didn’t want to use products containing harsh synthetic fillers, preservatives, and fragrances.

In 2015, Harrington decided to start making the products she couldn’t find anywhere else on her own. That’s when she launched Whole Apothecary in Winter Park.

Harrington is committed to using 100% natural ingredients in every product she develops. The handpicked ingredients are plant-based and selected for their specific therapeutic benefits. Harrington says she has spent countless hours learning about the healing powers of herbal remedies and researching the therapeutic properties of essential oils to develop Whole Apothecary’s formulations.

To ensure each product meets Harrington’s freshness standard, she says they’re handcrafted from scratch in small batches. Testing only happens on friends and family members – never on animals.

Even the containers have purpose. When you order from Whole Apothecary and unbox your purchases, you’ll find many of the products inside reusable or recyclable glass jars and bottles.

Meet Leah Harrington, our latest maker added to The Florida List.