So you might be asking, “What’s a yurt?” In modern Turkish, the term is used as the synonym of homeland or dormitory. More commonly, a yurt is known as a traditional, portable round tent covered with skins or felt. For generations, yurts have been used as a dwelling by nomads in Central Asia.

Here in Florida, there a couple of places where adventure seekers can stay in a yurt for the night. One of those places can be found just outside Gainesville in Gilchrist County where a two-story yurt has been built along the Santa Fe River.

Club Florida rents out this primitive dwelling which includes a 16×16 platform downstairs complete with propane stove, fresh water, outhouse with composting toilet, cooking gear, chairs and a table. The upstairs platform is screened with an open dome roof allowing guests to observe the stars and moon above. The yurt is accessible by land or water and is in high demand year-round.

The other Florida yurt can be found in the high bluffs overlooking the Apalachicola River at Torreya State Park. Torreya’s yurt is 20-foot round with flooring, electricity, a lockable wooden door and three large screened windows with flaps that open and close. The space accommodates up to five people and includes air conditioning/heating, skylight, futon with bunk twin bed on top, queen-sized bed, table, chairs and a deck.

Get a better idea of what staying in a yurt is like by watching the video above.