Longtime CNN reporter John Zarrella covered the space program as a Florida-based correspondent for the network over many years. He witnessed astronaut John Glenn’s return to space in 1998 and was on the ground when Space Shuttle Challenger exploded shortly after takeoff in 1986.

One of the most respected and charismatic journalists of our time, Zarrella left CNN in 2013 after more than three decades as a correspondent.

His enthusiasm for the space program continues to this day. Zarrella is featured in a just-released promotional video for Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex near Titusville. Footage includes the Atlantis exhibit, the Saturn V rocket, and even a few souvenirs from the gift shop.

Just watching him will make you want to jump in the car and head over!

And be sure to check out Zarrella’s video tours of KSC below. Must-see viewing!